Please eat, imagine if in 30 years time you’re still living with this horrible illness because you didn’t make the decision to recover now. Eat that cake and buttery toast before bedtime, have a milky hot chocolate with melted marshmallows in it because although those things seem very significant now, in the bigger picutre they’re really not. In 30 years time you won’t even remember eating the ‘scary foods’ but what you will remember is spending what’s meant to be the best years of your life worrying about grams of fat, sugar and calories.



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SO important

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recent studies show i hate everything

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When you finish the video can you post the link? Also what do you pack for school

Sure I will! Do you mean school lunches or like in my backpack?

I was wondering what began options you use to replace dairy products? Oh, and I'm in a few classes with you btw ( anon from school)

I love love love 8th continent organic vanilla light soymilk it’s the bomb dot com

For cheese: I’ve used diaya and go veggie(which I honestly like better than cheese) I also have teese cheese which I might try on a vegan pizza soon.

For yogurt: I love o soy by stonyfield organics but I got a vegan yogurt starter so I might make some this weekend!

For butter: I like earth balance but usually use smart balance light


Drinking water after a PE class


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remember when these pieces of shit were everywhere and they were the best thing ever

and when you were too old to play with them you would just randomly move one when no one was looking

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